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It doesn't matter if you are a pro in Art & Design, or just making your first steps in creative field. In Britanka you will definitely find an educational program that makes a perfect fit for your knowledge and interests. This online guide will help you to choose the desired course and to easily navigate through all preparation stages before enrollment.

First of all, find a program that suits you best.
Frequently asked questions
How does the British Higher Education system work?
Watch this video — it will help you to better understand the system of Higher Education in the UK.
What is a level?
When speaking of British educational programs, we often mention the level-based qualifications framework common for Higher Education system in the UK. Essentially, the higher the level, the higher the qualification received during the course.

Click this link, to learn more about levels (in English).
What BA programs are available in BHSAD?
BA (Hons) Fashion
BA (Hons) Fine Art
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
BA (Hons) Illustration
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design
BA (Hons) Photography
BA (Hons) Product Design

To learn more about each of the programs, please go to the School's website.
What is Foundation Art & Design?
This is a mandatory stage for receiving a British BA diploma, similar to the first year of studies in a Russian university. The program provides understanding of the future field of work and encourages the choice of a specific field within art and design. Successful completion of the program guarantees enrollment for the desired BA program. An IELTS (academic) certificate with a score of 6.0 points or higher is required.

People are very seldom admitted to British BA programs without first completing Foundation Art & Design program. Mostly, these are students of artistic colleges/universities willing to change the place of study, or established specialists working in the field of art and design.

You will find all necessary information about the program at the School's website.
What is Pre-Foundation Art & Design?
A program that enables prospective students to improve the artistic, theoretical and technical competence, thus gaining the necessary knowledge and skills for enrollment for Foundation Art & Design.

You will find all necessary information about the program at the School's website.
What is Introduction to Art & Design?
This program will be the start of your artistic education. Its main goal is to develop creative skills, artistic abilities, conceptual thinking and imagination. The participants of the course will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for enrollment for Pre-Foundation Art and Design program. By the end of the program, some Introduction to Art & Design students may achieve the skill level sufficient for enrollment for Foundation Art and Design program.

You will find all necessary information about the program at the School's website.
What is a portfolio and how to prepare it?
Portfolio is the main tool of a creative specialist. Proper preparation of the portfolio may affect many things, including the future career path of a prospective student.

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What does Portfolio Building Course serve for?
Portfolio building course is designed to help you promptly improve the quality of your portfolio, thus raising the chances for successful admission to the desired program. The course is held twice a year, in July and August, and lasts for three weeks. There are no admission exams for this course.

Find more about the course on its web page.
What level of English is required for enrollment in British programs?
You won't need the English language for Introduction to Art & Design program, and there is no English test during admission interview. However, one of the aims of the course is to prepare students for taking further British programs, therefore the course will gradually introduce briefs in English in order to provide the graduates with the language skills necessary to get into the next stage, Pre-Foundation Art & Design.

To be admitted to Pre-Foundation program, you will need a slightly better command of English compared to Introduction to Art & Design. This level can be described as 'basic'.

To enroll for Foundation Art and Design program, where all subjects are taught in English, you need to demonstrate at least Pre-Intermediate level of English. Prospective students will either take an English test at BHSAD or submit IELTS certificate with the score of 5.0 points or higher (or results of similar tests).

Learn more about English language courses organized by BHSAD.
What does English for Art and Design summer intensive course serve for?
Sometimes, a prospective student's portfolio is sufficient for enrollment for Foundation Art & Design program, but his/her command of English falls short of our requirements. Then the summer intensive course may be an option. After completing the course, you can take a free internal exam, the results of which may serve as the proof of the language proficiency for enrollment for Foundation Art & Design. In this case, there will be no need in IELTS certificate. The intensive course is held twice a year, in July and August, and lasts for three weeks.

Read the details at the course's official web page.
What is the procedure for enrollment in the programs?
Step 1. Fill in the online application on the web page of the chosen program and choose the convenient dates for admission tests. Tip: Don't wait till August, because it is best to take all exams as early as possible.

Step 2. Bring in person or send by mail all required documents: academic credentials, copy of passport and photos.

Step 3. Pass admission tests – exam in English*, an interview and a review of your portfolio by the tutors.
*Only for Foundation Art & Design program.

Step 4. Get the result via email. We will send it to you 3-4 working days after the final round of tests.

For more information, go to the School's website.
What events can I attend to learn more about the School?
Visit the following events:
— British programmes Open Days take place 2 or 3 times per year.

— Guided tours of the School happen regularly once in 1-2 weeks.

— Final exhibitions are usually organized in June. It is a brillian opportunity to evidence the mastery of BHSAD's students and to get inspired by the vibes of Britanka.

Check out britanka.media, where Britanka people share their ideas, projects and stories.
Who do I contact if I have further questions?
Oksana Agapova, admission board coordinator for British programs, will be happy to assist you

Phone: 8 (495) 640-30-15, ext. 314
Email: admission@britishdesign.ru
Leave us your e-mail if you want to get news about the application process
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